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Discover new prospects with every swipe.

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Telescope AI gives you prospects on tap.


A customer blueprint formed in seconds

We analyse your previous outreach or CRM to build your ideal customer profile.

New prospects with every swipe

Discover leads you wouldn't have otherwise found, in a fraction of the time.

AI-optimised recommendations

Our model learns and improves in real-time, so you can close more deals at a faster rate.

Meet prospects you wouldn't have otherwise

Access new pools of customers, no matter how niche your target audience.

Prospect smarter, sell faster

We streamline your workflow so you can spend more time talking to customers.

Grow revenue

Automate your outreach, refill your funnel, close more deals.

Prospect Cycle


Telescope continually optimises your recommendations so you can close with confidence

“Who actually thought prospecting could be fun? Finally found a Tinder for prospecting that allows me to visualise the prospecting process without taking up my whole day.”

Sales development representative

“What normally took me 1 day to do, takes me 1 hour. This is the next generation of sales tools. It's the only thing I use for sales prospecting at the moment, up to 4 hours a day.”

Business development representative

“Something that could easily take 2 hours, I can now do in 5 mins on Telescope.”

Sales development representative

Smart Prospecting for Maximum Productivity

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